Oil Engineering Services Company

Well Drilling and Completions Services

In general, the services include both engineering and operations practiced onshore and offshore. The department set-up houses a director, managerial positions and staff in engineering at junior and senior levels, operations, health-safety-environment (HSE), legal/contracts, finance, logistic and procurement. The department is organized to provide the following services on the basis of international practice and standards.


 Preparation of tender documents related to different services and equipments and subsequent follow-up

 Preparation of drilling program on a synergetic basis, which include interaction with G&G and engineering departments, drill and completions on paper, risk register, contingency and mitigation plans. In the process, the equipment and material requirement and the corresponding services along with the plan and budget are defined

 Preparation (with supervision) of technical documents related to procurement with continuous tracking on the delivery period of equipments/material and subsequent actions on proper storage

 Supervision on engineering activities related to the basis of well design, drilling program and execution of plan. The logistic and rig performance on a daily and overall basis are also included

 Evaluation (with supervision) on quality of services

 Evaluation (with supervision) on office and site HSE on a daily and overall basis

 Supervision on interactions between different divisions with emphasis on engineering and operations

 Appraisal evaluations and thorough analyses on exploiting different options and use of up-to date technology with respect to good drilling and completion practices and subsequent outcome on well production potential and hydraulic improvement

 Preparation (with supervision) on data gathering, reports and documentation

 Performance evaluation with respect to plan/budget, lessons learned and technical up-grading of staff