Oil Engineering Services Company

Geophysics and Geology

Geology department retains highly professional staffs. Senior experienced and junior energetic staffs built a strong specialist team in different branch of geology studies such as: Tectonic, sedimentology, stratigraphy, petroleum geology and modeling.

Geologists in Kish Petroleum Engineering Company use IRAP-RMS and Fracperm software for geological and fracture modeling  both with geostatistic and deterministic methods.

To reach to the best results, geologists in KPE use the latest advanced methods in geological studies.



Geophysics involve in application of physical theories and measurements to discover the properties of the earth. Plate tectonics, the study of the interior structure of the earth, and such related areas as global and regional processes are known collectively as solid earth geophysics. The sub discipline known as exploration geophysics involve in use of geophysical theory and instrumentation to locate petroleum and other mineral sources. Exploration geophysics generally concentrates on finding lateral heterogeneities in a relatively small part of the earth's crust.

To serve our clients we have agreement with well known companies in the area of acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysics data.