Oil Engineering Services Company



Some of main tasks of petrophysics engineering department in KPE are:

* Design optimum programming and supervision of logging operation

* Supervision on validation of new and old wells to obtain maximum matching of log data with geophysical, geological, reservoir engineering and the other references

* Petrophysical interpretation with advanced soft wares

* Calculation of petrophysical parameters such as porosity, water saturation, lithology, creating stratigraphical cross-section and applying proper cut off criteria in order to prepare summary averages and hydrocarbon volume accumulations according to the results of formation evaluation data

* Co-ordinate log analysis for geophysical prospects ,geological static model and integration into reservoir simulation.

In petrophysical engineering department in KPE, Geolog™ and Logic™ softwares are used for log analysis and formation evaluation.

Petrophysics engineering section in Kish Petroleum Engineering Company (KPE) offers services in the areas of well logging programming and supervision, log analysis and interpretation, computer evaluation of logs, and reconciliations of log data with geological, geophysical and exploration prospects, field studies, simulations and reservoirs estimates.

Petrophysics has a central role of the all aspects of a company’s exploration and development activities.