Self-Sufficient but Aligned with the Mother Company

Being supported and guided by a reputable and professional mother company, as well as enjoying synergies with other member companies of OIEC group is one of our advantages.

KPE is one of the subsidiaries of OIEC group and hundred percent of its shares is owned by OIEC, which is considered as one of the leading companies in execution of  oil and gas mega-projects in Iran’s upstream and downstream. The five subsidiaries of OIEC cover different parts of the industry’s value chain.

Having three decades of experience in Iran petroleum industry, OIEC has been involved in designing and constructing many refineries, petrochemical complexes, processing units and surface facilities, as well as development of some oil and gas fields in the country. The latest project fully implemented by the company is the development of phases of 20 and 21 of South Pars gas field including both offshore and onshore refinery with a value over $5 billion. While having an independent business and organization, KPE functions as an upstream expertise arm of OIEC group as well.