Aligning Experience with Cutting Edge Knowledge

Staff knowledge, expertise and experience is the main asset in our business.

To KPE, human resources orientation and capability development are necessities rather than choices. Therefore, benefiting from the industry’s most competent professionals and developing their capabilities, from qualified experts to fresh and talented graduates, has been steadily set as an obsession for KPE. With such an ambition and in lights of company’s efforts, KPE currently possess one of the industry’s most qualified upstream teams comprised of prominent and elite experts in the business.

Moreover, converging and intermingling experience of oil industry veterans with up to date knowledge of young engineers has been steady among the strategic plans in KPE. Knowledge of reservoir geological structures and fields history is a valuable asset for any upstream consultancy firm which can boost the quality of services significantly.

Therefore, prudence of experts with decades of field study and operational experiences in various Iranian fields, associated with the fresh energy of younger workforce, has given KPE assigned privilege and advantage to offer the clients with the high quality and agile services.

Nonetheless, human resources management has been always a key concern with KPE’s team and efforts to invest and improve the pertinent systems are in progress.