Basic Reservoir Engineering

Conducting basic reservoir engineering studies including: Routine core, Special core, PVT, Well Testing, Geothermal, Reservoir pressure and contact performance, Material balance, Well flow performance, PLT analysis.

Reservoir Simulation

Conducting reservoir simulation studies to determine optimum field development plans. These studies start with building a robust reservoir model using basic reservoir engineering data. The model is then calibrated through a “history matching” process so that the production/pressure history of the wells are matched reasonably. Thereafter, the model is used to provide production forecasts assuming different development scenarios, the results of which are used to make optimum investment decisions.

Supervision of Laboratory Procedures

provide laboratory programs and technical proposals to collect required information . Supervision of routine core analysis, special core analysis, PVT analysis, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) studies conducted in core and fluid laboratories.

Design and Supervision of Reservoir Engineering Tests

Design and supervision of well tests, drill stem tests, and wireline formation tests.