IOR/EOR Technology Implementation

Implementation of IOR/EOR methods and production enhancement techniques is one of the core activities in KPE which is aimed at improving the recovery efficiency of Iranian oil and gas fields which many are in decline period of their life time. Having the required recourses and technical expertise in the IOR/EOR area as well as access to up-to-date and cutting-edge technology knowledge through its international relationships enable KPE to implement such technological activities in producing / developing oil and gas projects. These competencies are established by screening available technologies, nominating the appropriate fields and wells, followed by advanced engineering and design using all the state of art tools. Moreover, KPE intends to facilitate the project financing through local and international investors. Thereafter, KPE enters to the execution phase of this full cycle process in which operations of such activities are planned, executed, and managed. Based on valuable experience and exposure to Iranian oil and gas market over the years, KPE is capable of accessing all the requirements in the operation phase. This includes access to service companies, required equipment, drilling and work-over rig providers, HSE needs, logistics, well intervention and completion skills, material suppliers and consultants.