Multi-component seismic operations on land and sea floor

 Geophysical Equipments:  :

The main secret of our success is continual improvement of equipments along with permanent development of personnel’s knowledge.

Oil Exploration Operations Company is always following a specific plan in updating its equipments and software that are used in operational works. This company is recently employing modern seismological equipments including UL428Sercel and UL408Sercel recording systems and 65 Nomad vibrators in its projects.

Aforesaid recording systems are more qualified than previous ones. Some of their specifications are as follows:

–    Existence of a LINK which a complete units of seismological cables and numerous separate electronic channels with specific interspaces. These units are very efficient.

–    Seismic Areal Network is used in these equipments instead of telemetric traditional system. All parts of this system are nodes which are active on a seismological network and are connected with a recording device.   Such systems are benefited from a multimedia network including laser, radio, cable and etc. which are providing appropriate solutions for complicated arrays.


–    Usage of advanced software:
Usage of modern software (Seismic Network Software) for controlling modern equipments of aforesaid machineries. This software can prepare Single-Component or Multi-Component recording through 3D methods and has very considerable capacity for registration of seismic data in big projects.

65Nomad vibrators which are employed in this company are providing required conditions for production in different geographical conditions with high security and less maintenance requirements.