VSP operations

Vertical seismic profiling (VSP) is a set of well’s registered seismographs.

Daily measurements including Electric Logs and Rock Cuttings are providing limited information about well’s casing.

Although surface seismic profiling provides required conditions for measuring larger areas and collects more information from subsurface horizons, these data are some limitations in resolution and etc. VSP may provide information which is appropriate to calibrating data gathered from two mentioned methods.

Usage of energy source geometry/ receiver in VSP technique creates appropriate method for aforesaid purposes.

Oil Exploration Operations Company has adequate experience in providing VSP services as well logging operations which include required specifications for various geophysical surveys including modeling, designing, data collection and processing.

Exact time/depth relation and speed of waves flow in different subsurface layers can be calculated through Downhole travel – time measurements and employ their results for calibrating surface seismic and well logging data. These services includes following methods:

Stationary Source Velocity Survey with Near- Wellhead Source

Vertical Incidence Velocity Survey (Moving Source Directly above Downhole

.( Receiver(s) in deviated Wells