Surveying department is performing its role as technical and effective unit in OEOC Company by updating its technical knowledge and equipments, attending in different land and marine seismological projects and cooperating with foreign companies.

Operating measures of marine surveying group:

Marine surveying considerably differs land surveying. The main responsibility of our operational group is receiving primary information and preparing regional map and a list of receiver and explosive points. Then, coordinates of designed lines and position of related points will be uploaded to employed software and subsequent coordination will be done with navigation department to direct the ships to related operational region.

  Synchronicity is one of the most important issues in marine operations. That is, after direction of ship on required routes and arriving specific point, shoot order will be issued by surveying software and immediately, explosive equipments will be activated while recording system starts to register reflected data. Meanwhile, all information will automatically be registered on magnetic bonds and submitted to quality control unit after fulfillment of necessary processing.

Surveying group shall test all equipments in operational wharf before commencement of operations and prepare a report about it. This group may employ satellite GPS systems during operation and receive correcting information from coast stations to locate exact position of ships and consequently locate related seismological points (receiver points, energy resources, target points) on the basis of UKOOA format. It shall also provide a final report including report of devices’ tests, operating map and list of purpose points on magnetic bonds.