Geophysical Services

  • KPE is the only geophysical contractor of its size in Iran that competes on a regional basis on land, transition zone, shallow water OBC, and marine seismic markets. Our inventory of modern, portable equipment, our ability to respond swiftly to client’s needs together with our experienced professional staff is totally unique in Iran.
  • KPE continues to successfully complete projects where extreme weather and terrain condition pose particular difficulties. These include vast marshlands of south west and mine polluted areas close to Iran/Iraq borders.

Continuous advances in equipment and techniques help us provide more efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients.

The organization has a well-earned reputation of being able to successfully solve problems in areas that challenge not only the operational strategies but also environmental management.

  • Geophysical Department of KPE is offering services in high quality 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition, Engineering Seismic imaging, Seismic data processing, Gravity & magnetic surveys, for hydrocarbon exploration industry.

We aim at delivering best quality geophysical data in the most efficient way .This is ensured by following the company’s quality policies, procedures, principles and a comprehensive exploration and technical management system.

  • KPE benefits from presence of highly experienced professionals amongst its decision making ranks each with years of experience in Iranian oil industry.

Supported by skillful staff and hi-tech equipment, KPE has contributed extensively to the exploration and development of many oil and gas fields in the country.